The first trade I got scared and pull out at +2. I was right in my prediction but the channel was a new formation so I doubted myself.
The second blue arrow is a prediction, not a trade. I saw the price bouncing at mid range and I though it could go up for 10 ticks, and it did.
Second trade following the same rule as the second blue arrow giving me 10 ticks out of the market.
Third trade, I was right in the direction but I was short for ONE tick! mistake I made is to let it run to my stop.
I should have pull it out positive or flat but I should move my stop once the trade is up. The problem I had in the past doing that is that I was kicked out +5 and then went to the direction I predicted so I could have had my 10 or 20 ticks but ended up with just five because of me moving the stop loss.

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